Another World is DotEmu’s latest retro remake, hits Nintendo Switch in April

Another World is DotEmu’s latest retro remake, hits Nintendo Switch in April

DotEmu has brought retro titles like Windjammers and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap to modern consoles, and its newest old project is Éric Chahi’s 1991 classic adventure game Another World. It’s coming to the Nintendo Switch next month with its original look and an option to play in HD.

Another World is a sci-fi adventure starring physicist Lester Knight Chaykin. Stranded on an alien planet, he encounters strange creatures and solves puzzles as he attempts to survive. It’s a game that is deliberately mysterious, offering the player no hints or heads-up display to help them figure out their next move. Its impact is far-reaching, inspiring games such as Ico and Metal Gear Solid.

DotEmu has also released Chahi’s developer’s diary, which shows the creative process behind Another World:

Its initial release was on the Amiga and Atari ST, before Interplay Entertainment ported it to systems like the SNES and Sega Genesis. Chahi has celebrated milestones in the game’s history, creating a Windows XP version with an extra level for its 15th anniversary. For its 20th anniversary, DotEmu developed an iOS and Android version of the game that was then released on consoles in 2014.

DotEmu is working with Chahi on the remastered Another World, which will include updated graphics and audio. In addition to being able to toggle between the original and updated graphics, players will be able to choose from three difficulty modes. They plan a demo for this year’s Game Developers Conference later this month.


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