Check out the technology that could power Universal’s Mario Kart ride

Check out the technology that could power Universal’s Mario Kart ride

We know that Universal is working on Nintendo-themed lands for its theme parks in Japan, Orlando, and Hollywood. We also know that a ride based on Mario Kart will be its marquee attraction. Now we might have an idea of how the ride will work.

Theme Park University has shown off a new ride that opened in a lesser-known Japanese theme park called Suzuka Circuit. As you can see in the video above, it has people board cars that race side-by-side along a track, but they can also physically turn their vehicles.

Universal noted before that its Mario Kart ride will allow for drifting, a key feature in the actual games. This technology will allow riders to steer into their turns without any actual risk of going off course or hitting other cars. The ride system also allows cars to spin, which could replicate the effect of being hit by a banana peel or Koopa shell.

However, Theme Park University notes that according to its unrevealed sources, the Mario Kart ride won’t be using the exact same technology as this Suzuka Circuit attraction. The site specifies that it won’t, at least, be that “this particular version.” But the Universal ride could still be using similar or modified technology.

Super Nintendo World is planning to open in Universal Studios Japan in time for Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics. The Orlando and Hollywood locations will follow.


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