Enjoy Rainbow Six: Siege’s saddest gunfight ever

Enjoy Rainbow Six: Siege’s saddest gunfight ever

I’m not great at Rainbox Six: Siege, but I feel a whole lot better at the game after seeing a recent gunfight that a fan posted to Reddit. In the clip, you get to see the perspective of an attacking Zofia as she shoots a circle around a defending Lesion before getting the kill and winning the round.

It’s difficult to watch, but check it out for yourself:

I just witnessed a gunfight between the two worst players of all time from Rainbow6

While this is potato aiming on any platform, I should point out that they are playing on a console. That explains some of the strafe aiming and problems with shooting up or down, but that is still a lot of missed shots.

I won’t judge too harshly because I’ve definitely used All Chat on PC to say “DON’T LOOK AT ME” when I miss a few point-blank shots in a round-ending kill cam. But it’s still nice to see some people are having an even harder time than I am.

Source: https://venturebeat.com/

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