Fangamer is making vertical grip for Nintendo Switch for arcade-style play

Fangamer is making vertical grip for Nintendo Switch for arcade-style play

As more games come to the Switch, it’s more noticeable how Nintendo hasn’t taken advantage of the system’s modular nature. The system debuted a year ago, and you would think that the company would have a line of custom Joy-Con grips that are better suited to playing specific genres. For example, how has it not made a grip that can how the Switch in a portrait alignment for vertical shooters like Strikers 1945? Well, as we wait for Nintendo to exploit this obvious opportunity, third-parties like Fangamer are stepping up to take on the challenge themselves.

Game historian and host of the Retronauts podcast Jeremy Parish tweeted an image today of a specialized vertical Switch grip. This connects the Joy-Cons to what you would typically consider the top and bottom of Nintendo’s hybrid handheld/home console. In his tweet, Parish revealed that he is working with Fangamer and engineer Mike Choi to turn the grip into a commercial product.

I’ve reached out to Fangamer for details, but Parish promised more information soon. So we don’t know exactly how it locks the Switch in place, how much it costs, or release timing.

This is also slightly outside of Fangamer’s typical product offerings. The commerce site is one of the best resources for gaming-related apparel and toys, but this grip would move it into peripherals and into competition with companies like 8Bitdo, Nyko, and Hyperkin.


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