Google search results now available in Apple’s iMessage app drawer

Google search results now available in Apple’s iMessage app drawer

Google today launched a new version of its iOS app and added iMessage support to share links from Google search results without leaving the default messaging app for iPhones and iPads, representing Google’s latest effort to extend its family of apps into the iOS operating system. The Google iMessage app can share things like GIFs and all manner of information. After you type your search into the Google iMessage app, it can send particular links found in a search or cards such as a business listing, video, map, or definition of a word or phrase.

Support for Google app searches of related content when using Safari and the ability to drag and drop content to and from the Google app on an iPad were also added today.

Since launch and the app store revamp last year, the rankings in top paid and top free categories of the iMessage App Store have stayed virtually unchanged, with top paid defined by lots of stickers and top free populated by GIF apps and games like GamePigeon and GIFs Against Friends.

Talk of RCS for Android Messages and a messaging service to compete with Apple’s Business Chat have captured some attention in recent weeks, but Google’s also been busy on Apple’s iMessage.

Since last fall, Google has been responsible for some of the biggest app drawer extension releases in recent memory for Apple’s platform, including Google Photos in December to look through your pictures and YouTube to share videos in October. Google Maps support for location and direction sharing was added last spring.


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