Mario Tennis Aces launches this summer with a demo tournament

Mario Tennis Aces launches this summer with a demo tournament

Nintendo confirmed that Mario is a plumber again, and that means the squat blue-collar worker will need to relax with some leisure activities. That’s where Mario Tennis Aces comes in. The publisher revealed today that the new Switch sports game launches June 22.

Aces is the latest entry in the Mario Tennis series. It’s an arcade-style take on Tennis where Waluigi and other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom use drop shots and super powers to defeat their opponents.

For the first time since the Mario Tennis for Game Boy Advance, Aces has a single-player campaign with role-playing elements. While Mario Tennis and Mario Tennis Advance had you creating your own character and meeting rivals in a tennis club, Aces seems to have you playing as Mario.

Nintendo didn’t provide a lot of new details about the story mode, but it did promise a big focus on online multiplayer. Leading up to the release, the company will hold a prerelease tournament where players can download a demo and compete against others in live matches. The publisher will have more details on that tournament soon.


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